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Can't get my mixed amd/nvidia rig to mine to nicehash?

I’ve got 2 rigs, one is all nvidia, setup quickly and working perfectly.
Lolminer for both

My other rig is mixed amd/nvidia won’t mine at all.
Mining kaspa to nicehash.
Hive os is latest/ hive replace
Upgraded to latest
Miner removed and reinstalled
Tried seperate flight sheets and sharing the same one (the one that’s currently working on the all nvidia rig)

Miner will not load/ run on mixed rig?

I got it to go this far once

Here’s the current flight sheet that’s working

Any ideas?

what ocs?

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5.10.0-hiveos #110

lower your core clock on the amd cards (by a lot to test) and reboot

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How much is a lot? I just went with the lowest showed while I was waiting on reply and still nothing
How much lower?

start at 1000

also for the 3070s change 810 to -3000, that sets the memory to 810mhz. 810 is treated as + 810 mhz

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okay just did a restart while waiting for your replay, left voltages set at what showed max but with the lower core clocks, Its mining so progress!
These rigs have been off forever! lol
so just getting them going is a win

also if your rig was online in this screenshot you crashed the driver as you can see there are no temps or fan speeds showing, that requires a reboot to reset

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yeah is a good starting point/target, but not all cards will reach the same settings. good to hear its mining now

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Should I do the same with the memory on these nvidia as well? This is my second rig

if youre mining a core based algo that doesnt require memory like kaspa, radiant, obtc then yeah. -3000 for all nvidia will save youa bit of power

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Even on the 1660s?

Yeah because my power consumption is almost double what says it should be according to Hiveos

yep, that sets the memory to its lowest idle state of 810mhz instead of just running it at 8000-10000mhz

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Thank you so much for the quick help! I’m going to let it run for a day before I start tweaking it!

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no problem

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