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Can't get my 3060 ti LHR to get good ashrates on ergo/trex miner

hello everyone, I have a zotac 3060 ti lhr 10go and only get 90 Mh/s at best. I tried different miners but Trex seems to get me the best results so fare (others get me between 70 and 80 Mh/s). I saw people getting 130ish Mh/s and give me this result as well. I tried multiple OC setting but no big changes 90mh/s seems to be the best i can do. I 've been trying to fix that problem for 2 days now and I m a noob so my knowledge is close to none lol.

the last OC setting i tried was:
FAN 85 CORE -600 MEM 2200 PL 0

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

try 1300 mem and 2000 core

Always use locked core clocks, and the latest software/hive/drivers.

I’ll check it out thx

i’ll try it thx

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