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Can't get miner to work passed 0.6-203@201105 upgrade

Can’t get miner going after upgrade. Latest update that word for me is 0.6-203@201105. Anything after that gives me problems. Tried to rest Overclock setting and Flight sheet. No help.

After I downgrade back to 0.6-203@201105, everything works fine.
I’m running mix of AMD RX 5600, RX 5700 GPUs

Had a similar issue. Try to shutdow the rig, edit flight sheet, add on extra confid -d 0

Start flight sheet and Turn on rig to see if it starts mining just with Card Number 0. If yes, stop miner and edit -d 0,1. Start flight sheet and restart miner. If rig mines with Card 0 and 1, repeat the process for all the cards. If not, probably a riser fault

Thanks for reply. But how do you explain that it works fine when I downgrade?

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