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Cant get 6800 to work

I have a new 6800 (non XT) and when Hive boots it says “error matching card number in sys/class/drm/…” I cant find what is wrong and according to some other posts it should work with the right kernel and os-version. I have:
5.4.0-hiveos #108
RTX 3060 × 1·
RX 6800 × 1

Does anyone has any ideas why this happens? I got the card working in windows, in there it ran fine. But here it wont even show up right.

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Você está usando um minerador compatível com as duas placas?
Verifique as configurações do Flight Sheet.

Hello Oglminder

No, i do not use any miner at all. Hive OS does not recognize the card and therefore cant mine at all.

Using the hiveos beta

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