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Can't get 6700xt to work

Hi there!

I have 5 GPU AMD 6700xt

Those work well but I don’t know what happened and now those not working.

There is some error like this

AMD oc failed
Orno cards available for OC?

before 5 gpu worked with hashrate 46.
now only 1-2 work and hashrate is 40-41 ?
please any body can help me ?

Try one card at a time directly on the motherboard, if it works add one and so on. Are all the mining optimal bios settings set? On the latest bios as well?

How can I set all mining optimal bios settings sets?

I don’t know what happened, it worked before and just one day stopped… I didn’t update or change anything…

Search google for mining bios settings for xyz motherboard, replace xyz with your motherboard info.

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Did you Update Hive OS ? as you have the 0.6.213… I had the same problem with my 2 x RX 6700 XT hashrate that went down to 41 Mhs. I went back to : [email protected] and everything is back to OK :slight_smile: give it a try :slight_smile:

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