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Can't get 5700 XT as fast as Windows

I have a rig running 6 mixed 5700 XT cards in Windows that I want to move to hiveos. I’m having a very hard time with the overclocks. My Nvidia cards run cooler and faster on hiveos than Windows, but these AMD cards are giving me trouble. In Windows with afterburner I’m running core voltage at minimum, which is 850mv, clock at 1400Mhz, memory clock at 1800Mhz and they are mining around 51.5Mh/s and drawing about 105 watts apiece.

I’m using latest hiveos (non-beta), and I see all kinds of profiles with memory OC’d to 900 (which i’m assuming is half-rate and then would be 1800Mhz like I see in Windows). I can’t get mine over 600Mhz memory OC without the card crashing. In any case, they are running slower in hiveos because of the low memory speed. Am I missing something obvious here?

Can you post a screenshot of your cards in Hiveos.

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