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Can't get 570 to run with 580 and 5700xt

Hello, Running 2x 580 power colors, 1x 5700xt gigabyte, and 1x 5700xt asus. I tried to install a 570 msi armor, but HIVE wont boot. ALL the fans spin up, but it never loads, nothing shows up on the monitor. I tried both of the empty pcie slots on the mobo, and a different riser from one of the working cards, but nothing seems to work. I unplug the 570 and it boots right up. All the other cards work with all risers and in all the slots. I used to have 2x570 with 2x 580 working, so the 570 gpu is good. I took out the 2x 570 and replaced with the 2x 5700xt to get it running and setup. I though I could just add in a 570, but no luck.

Running phoenix miner.

Thanks for help

hi , change miner go to team red miner and check…
Also check your PSU and risers…

Well not sure what was wrong. I tried red miner. Still no luck. I ended up unplugging everything and installing 1 card at a time. It seems to work now.


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