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Can't flash 5700 XT Pulse to modded BIOS

Went through the typical steps for modding the BIOS. Pulled the original from the card, modded the straps in RBE. Whenever I try to flash it with a BIOS that’s been modified in RBE it comes up with

ROM flashing failed (1)

=== GPU 3, 0c:00 FLASHING VBIOS === 19:20:56
AMDVBFLASH version 4.100, Copyright (c) 2021 Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

Old SSID: E426
New SSID: E426
Old P/N: 113-1E4260U-O4E
New P/N: 113-1E40803-O48
The result of RSA signature verify is FAILED.
BIOS authentication signature mismatched


I’ve also tried a number of older BIOSes but they come up with the same error. I even tried flashing to an AMD reference model but all that did was momentarily brick the card. I know that flashing in windows is a possible solution but my slotting it into my gaming computer would take a lot of work. Has anyone ran into this issue before? Is there any way to flash this card through hive?

There’s a bug for flashing 5700s on the latest hive build, works fine for 6000 series but for whatever reason not 5700s. Flash an older hive image ( you can use hive-replace --list Then choose any but the latest) flash the rom, then reflash the latest stable image using hive-replace -s -y

Thank you! Looks like hive fixed it with the most recent update too.

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Yep, latest update should fix the issue :slightly_smiling_face:

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