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Can't enter IP address to claim payout

I have around 0.18 ETH in my account and I want to withdraw it by decreasing the payout threshold. But I can’t decrease the payout threshold because when I go to my miner’s page there’s no field to enter IP address. I checked all the tabs and followed exactly FAQ steps, the field to enter IP address is absent. Please help me withdraw my 0.18 ETH.

Are you going to the pool dashboard by entering in your wallet address? If you’re looking inside hiveos you won’t find the options you’re looking for. They’re only on the pool dashboard.

Yes I went to pool dashboard. Still no IP address field.

Can you post a link to your pool dashboard?

Yes, here

Ah yeah you haven’t mined to hiveon for some 6 months so you won’t have an active miner with an IP address. You need to contact support as it mentions in the big yellow banner option 2

Oh ok. Thank you!