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Cant Download any Miner on last HiveosOS, Ubuntu Bionic Error

Please help me what is hapnning with HiveOS?

Typically if the status file is corrupted, other files are as well. It’s recommended to do a fresh install of the latest stable image, if you just did a fresh install try using another method than previously used. Id instead of balena use Rufus or the official hiveos installer.

But after falshed first time run i installed custom srbminer from doctor73 github and all fine but i use processor for mining raptorium i think rig confusing and restarted sometimes after first restart got everytime corrupt my Distro

used rufus everytime with rufus got saving files rig.conf wallets and copy after flash i use other machine with linux can be read all flashdrive.
this files can corrupt the rig?

ot may be try ballena only will solve?

update comand will solve?

Once its corrupted upgrades won’t solve it. I would try another, known good drive

ok will try last stable with ballena.will use a flashdrive 16gb.I everytime when open new console before start miner i do logs-off