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Cannot log into web control panel "security code is wrong"

Suddenly this morning HiveOS wants to me log in for the first time in ages and is not accepting my 2FA. Does this mean someone has gained access to my farms?

Oh I forgot…no one answers on this forum…token

yeah…its was a daty since u asked…so that means that no one is gonna answer…attitude…good motivation to start to help u

Nah - the VAST majority of questions people ask here, including me in the past, are simply never addressed by anyone. It is a trend. One forgets and from time to time you pop back and ask…and then remember it will fizzle out into obscurity

anyway… sorry, cant say about your logging issue other than u should contact support hiveonpool… they respond quite fast and are frindly… i dont belive that someone have gained acces… 2fa is good so. Send message with your farm details and i belive they solve your issue… sure hope so. Take care… u should really work with that attitude… No one her eis oblicated to respond to anything… Now when i think of it… toally pisses me of people like u who think that they are so important and theyr center of the universe… “why my question havent been ansvered” :sob: … what an ah…

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