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Cannot initialize API server. Port in use. Retrying in 6sec


What ever pool i am trying to access i get this API server error. I can ping Mining is obviously not staring.

Is a miner showing this? Can you post screenshots or more info

Thanks for reaching out

The first was a thumbnail. Sorry.

What are you trying to mine?

I am trying to mine octaspace

I would try another miner, there are quite a few that i would rank better at Ethash than it. Such as Gminer, Lolminer and bzminer to name a few

Hi, thanks a bunch. Yes Gminer works great. What would you suggest to mine instead of OctaSpace?

Dynex is popular now as it’s more profitable at higher power rates than most coins. My gpus are on dynex + zil right now with srbminer. Or you can check for newer pow coins if you feel like doing more speculative mining.