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Cannot getting watt with rtx 3080

Hi guys ım new on mining job. firstly im not english I apologize for my bad english already

my problem is ı have got 1800w power supply but I cannot getting watt i want I can get rtx3090 to 325 w but rtx 3080 doesn’t get any watt more than it.

You want the highest hash rate and the lowest watt. Try the following:
For the RTX 3080, set the PL to 240 and set the Core Clock to 1070. Then set the mem to 2700 and lower if you get any invalid shares. Temp on core should be under 50 degrees C. The RTX 3090 you could try the setting of Core Clock to 1100 and see what Watts are consumed. Try adjust up the mem speed on the RTX 3090 as well.

not like that. ı cannot giving more watt to the rtx 3080. Its stable on 190w but ı wanna give more watt to it. what ı need to do ? HELP :smile:

OK. So how are you powering the card?

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