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Cannot get my Hiveos to connect to Wifi; I have 2 wifi dongle and a powerline starter kit, still no connection

So im having trouble connecting to the wifi.

I have wifi dongles: TL-WN725N
And I have a powerline wired connetion: TP-Link AV600 TL-PA4010 KIT

None of these are working so far, can anyone please tell me how to get these to work?

when i “test-net” in hiveos i dont get a single connection to any server.
Please let me know photos, or my computer spec, to help solve the issue.


For the dongle to work you need to install other driver. The inbuilt in the linux is faulty . Check in internet how to install tl-wn725n ubuntu.

thank you ill let you know if it works.

i didnt no a driver for ubentu would work with hiveos. cheers

Hiveos is based on ubuntu

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