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Cannot get 3 Nvidia Card work together

Hello everyone.
Im buidling a new Nvidia rig using HiveOs. I have 3 total cards which 2 cards are MSI 1660 super and the other one is 3060ti Gygabite.
If any two of them are pluged-in, they will work fine. But whenever i plug all 3 cards, the 3060ti does not mine anymore.
I’ve already tried update nvidia driver to 465 using nvidia-driver-update in shell but no luck with that also.
If anybody know about this problem pls give me some advices
Sorry for my bad english if i said something unclearly
Thank you

Not enough power to the riser? Just guessing…

Just an illustrated image.
I guess Power is not the reason. Im using a case server 4u with 8pcie slots motherboard, no riser needed, and the Psu is 1800W.
Is there any chance that i have to update my Mobo bios, i actually don’t know how to.
Somebody advices me to use a dummy HDMI plug to the 3060ti, i will try that today.

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