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Cannot display desktop from HiveOs


Hi !

When I start my HiveOS, the desktop doesn’t show, only the terminal with HiveOS is displaying.
There is my configuration :

  • MSI B450 A PRO MAX
  • RX 6600 XT Nitro +
  • 8Go memory
  • Rayzen 5 1600

I can’t change the iGPU in the BIOS because the motherboard doesn’t have integrated graphics.

However, I have the second configuration that works perfectly :

  • MSI B450 A PRO MAX
  • RTX 3070
  • 8Go memory
  • Rayzen 5 2600

And in this second configuration, the desktop display perfectly.

I’m not sure if the problem is the CPU, the GPU or a missing configuration from the BIOS.

If someone can help :slight_smile:

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