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Cannot connect RVN pool

Hi ALL, I am new miner for RVN, i have the net-test which can connect hiveos server, however when i start mining, it show cannot connect to both pools and

Anyone have face the same problem like me, please help to solve

Many Thanks

Is this still going on? We’re you able to connect before?

yes, it still cannot connect. I was able to connect hiveon server during mining ETH. I just change my fightsheet to RVN and use different mining tools, workers still the same .
net-test show can connect server

Do you have another network you can try from? Possibly a 4g/lte one or similar?

i only have this network, but i have just switch back to ETH, it works…

Can you try port 7777 for the ravencoin pool?

trying by two mining tools, both cannot connect the

Same to me.

After the ETH merge, I switched to RVN, but that is impossible. Tried with several pools and miners… always the same error. Problem with pool user name. Does anyone have any advice or a solution?

Show your flight sheet. Likely not using a correct wallet address

No, my wallet address is correct.

Can you post a screenshot of your flight sheet?

Hiveon RVN 4

Yeah you have the wrong wallet address. Use a ravencoin address, not ethereum address.

A man learn until he lives, and a woman even longer :))
Thanks a lot for the advice.
Everything is OK now

How can I solve this?
Otherwise the Rig works normally.

Just need to wait for it to show on the pool side

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