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Can you please add OneZeroMiner? (for Dynex - DNX)

It’s been almost 2 months now that this miner has been around and it has come a long way. The dev is known from his noncerpro-cuda miner for Nimiq.

With Dynex being so popular lately and with two miners offering support for it, SRB and OZM, it will be great to be able to have them both as options in the list when we make a Flight Sheet.

As a matter of fact, SRB is best for AMD cards, but OneZeroMiner is best for almost all Nvidia cards (bar a couple exceptions).

thanks a lot in advance!! (i know many miners will thank you as well :slight_smile: )

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Please ask the developer to send an email to [email protected]


Can you please check what’s the status with this? The dev has sent an email from 17/5/2023 but he has only received a generic response so far. It’s a shame not to be able to have the best miner for Dynex listed on HiveOS…

Any update on adding OZM miner to hiveOS?

No update that ive seen yet. Up to the devs whether they want to implement it. The miner dev can email back for an update though.

Would you please add OneZeroMiner to the list of miners in HiveOS so we can run the miner natively?

Still in QA testing

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Onezerominer is now integrated

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