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Can you mine with two miners at the same time on the same rig?

I have one rig with mixed cards, nvidia and amd. It works well with claymore, which supports them both. However there are some new coins that I’d like to mine, like PigeonCoin for example. nVidia cards use CC miner and AMD use SG miner. There is no way to choose both even though both can be configured at the same wallet.

So my quesiton is: is there a way to use both miners at the same rig at the same time? And if not, why not develop that? :slight_smile: It is doable on windows so I can’t see why linux wouldn’t be able to do that.

Yes it possible. Use forum search

I’ve been trying to find posts that relate to this or give some instruction, but I’m in the same boat as Spiritfly, can’t find anything on this…

Yeah @HaloGenius if you could point us to the right post in this forum it would’ve been more helpful. I tried the forum search, didn’t come up with nothing.

Just to clarify: I know Claymore supports both AMD and nVidia and I’ve used it for mining ETH. The issue is how to run both ccminer(nVidia only) and sgminer(AMD only) at the same time on the very same rig?

Use this topics as start point

Halo’s posts ended up guiding me sortof in the right direction, you basically just need to set up each miner’s section of the wallet correctly, and if you’re using mining software that can do AMD and Nvidia, then you need to give it specific instructions on which cards to use, for example, I have 12 cards, the first 6 come up in claymore as my AMD cards, so I add the line ‘-di 012345’ to only enable to first 6 cards. You can checked exactly which cards claymore assigns to which numbers by watching the startup sequence in terminal, or an SSH window.

Yeah I pretty much solved it myself last night. The key for me what I’ve been missing was the “Second Miner” option: Maybe that should be a button and more glowy :blush:

Anyway, it works marvelously well! My nVidia cards are using ccminer to mine raven right now and the AMDs are set to ETH with claymore. Awesome job guys! I’m starting love hiveos more and more each day! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help guys!