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Can you actually mine bitcoin on a gpu?

So, I was just wondering is it possible to actually mine BTC (sha256) on a graphics card? just wondering if that’s actually possible. Anybody know? just something I’ve always wondered.

Not profitably. You can mine other coins and get paid in btc if that’s what you’re after. Or mine other coins and trade for btc and so on.

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So its actually possible? I was just wondering if it can be done. Haha imagine solo-mining a BTC block on a gpu lol

Sure, but you’re thousands of times more likely to hit a block with an asic. Would you rather have 1 ticket to the lottery or thousands for the same cost? That’s gpu vs asic

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y e p. Wish gpus could at least be making a little bit :frowning: considering buying a lower power asic something like a ipollo g1 mini or a goldshell ck box