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Can we get a temperature gradient?

I liked how the old farm portal had a color gradient depending on fan speed %.

This was helpful, but a color gradient for the GPU core temps would be perfect. This would help diagnosis bad case fans or incorrect voltages.
Maybe something like this.

Wasnt sure if this would be suited for a different forum category, but I only saw a “site suggestions” category, which I assumed looking at the other topics, is for the forum.

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You can pull this off if you can figure out the API (ho-boy what a doosey) and know javascript (and how to use something like D3) Here’s an example of my two rig farm (plus some weather data) I forget the specifics but the colors of the mining cards are soothing and related to hashrate/temperature/powerdraw, fan speed is a history graph updated with the smaller boxes tracking difference in change over last period.