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Can´t upgrade, shutdown or reboot rig


So I’m not sure what the problem is. Before there was no issue. I’ve had my rig turned of over 1 month due to moving to a new place. I have tried to install a new OS on my usb drive and worked fine, well at least there wasn’t anything to update.

Now there is a new update and I realized the same issue is there. I can’t upgrade, reboot or shutdown my rig. Have expanded the drive, tried to upgrade in maintenace mode, tried apt update command in hive shell but still nothing.

Does anyone know what I can try?

plz help.

Are you getting errors? If so, what do they say?
Are you running the latest stable image?
Have you tried a fresh install of the latest stable image on a known good ssd?

Bought an SSD did a fresh install off Hiveos and now everything is fine and dandy.

Thanks for the help (:

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