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Can’t connect throught SSH

I can connect with phone or other laptops but the main one can’t connect.
Mac Terminal : Permission denied, please try again after putting my password
So the user and password are good as I can connect with my iPhone and other laptop.

can you put a screen shot of the terminal with the failed connection attempt please?

for antminer firmware with signature,block ssh

for T2T, haven’t know the right password for ssh,by the way,for the web interface is [email protected]

and you may have a look at this

can you change the user password from the admin interface?

use web server can change it

and I had ask official customer service said it did not have information for ssh

did this work previously with that device?
I know i have had issues with different installations where the ssh algorithms were specified differently causing problems with ssh connection…diffie-hellman-group1-sha1 was one i remember. can you get verbose logs from the ssh connection from that device?

in linux you might check thru
sorry if its not the right place - i havnt had to go looking for the messages because they showed up on my terminal screen.