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Can someone help me about this invalid shares

this thing is scared me

It appears you are showing (2) different GPUs based on memory and BIOS, or you have BIOS modded it in the meantime. Invalids are described here and are nearly always memory/overclock related. Note: Some GPUs do eventually go bad over time:

so what should i do now?

let me try it first, i hope its works well

its still brother

back it down to 1100 core and 2000 memory and work up incrementally over days.

enable aggressive undervolting, did you mod the bios with polaris

its still brother, any tips?

Lots, but first I would remove it and put it in a rig all by itself for a deeper level of effort.

Not worth impacting (7) GPUs that are working fine during the required on/off/tweaking process.

Check cables, risers, … disconnect and then connect risers… usually this is due to OC, but if you can’t get rid of it by lowering OC - then checj cabling…

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