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Can Rx570 4gb still mining eth for about 27mh/s nowadays?


I have a Powercolor rxt570 4gb, and i saw many miners can get 24-27mh/s with lolminer zombie mode in youtube, most of these videos were 5-8 months ago. I follow their steps, install hiveos, use pcie x16 on the motherboard, set pcie speed to gen3 in the bios, use lolminer zombie mode, and try many ways including set “–4g-alloc-size” to about 4074, change many versions of lolminer, set the swap partition to 16gb(windows set the virtual memory, and i think in linux it should be swap partition), try many oc settings(max 2000mhz memory speed), however, with no luck, only get about 11mh/s whatever settings, can someone share some experience in this 570 4gb mining? Is it possible 24-27mh/s now? Or nowadays only get 11 mhs so nobody using it to mine eth anymore? Im really confused.

My hardware:
motherboard: biostar tb85;
Gpu: Powercolor Rx 570 4gb(directly installed on mb pcie x16 slot);
Cpu: G3220T(support pcie3.0);
Storage: 60gb ssd;

you cant. mine Ergo or Raven coin.

Hi good day

Can I know how you solve it
And where you put “–4g-alloc-size”?