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Can I really mine two coins with a single GPU

Hi there,

here is my newbee question. I noticed that some miners like nanominer offers option to mine a second coin.

I switched recently from ETH to Ergo. I plan to mine one payout of Ergo before resuming back on ethminer.

I noticed that nanominer offers an option to configure a second coin, which I tried. I’ve set it as seen below:

And as a result, I have this:

(unchanged mh/s for Ergo, n/a for Etherum)

Sorry for the silly question, but would “2nd coin” only be available for rigs with 2 GPUs or more, or did I misconfigured something?


(Bonus point if anyone can recommend safe and reliable GPUs risers that doesn’t catch fire. TYVM)

Focus PCI riser v009S


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