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Can I mine different coins on different gpu's?

I have a 6 gpu rig, 4 1060’s and 2 1070 ti’s. Can I and/or How do I mine ZCL with Ewbf miner on the 4 1060’s and then mine XVG-x17 with CCminer Alexis on the 2 1070ti’s? Ive be able to mine both using all the cards together but I would like to split them up like stated above. Thanks

To elaborate on my situation. I’ve attempted to turn of gpu 4 and 5 in Ewbf using cuda_devices 0 1 2 3 and that seems to work fine. The problem seems to be with Ccminer Alexis78. Either I’m doing it wrong or it’s not working but I can’t get it to only enable gpu 4 & 5. Every time I load it up the miner just uses all 6 gpu’s. I’ve tried different combinations of “devices”: 3 (etc). I’ve attempted this in the wallet and under the tuning section, not sure which one to use (wallet or tuning). Also is my “devices”: 3(whatever number) right? Is there a line I can put to identify each gpu label in ccminer alexis78? Sorry for all the questions, I’m researching and trying everything I can think of. I feel like I’m close just can’t cross the finish line. Thanks

u have to actualy refer to the miner software to know what input it needs. Most of them are on github. maybe this will help:

“cpu-priority” : 3,