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Can i improve my miner?

I have two miner.
One with 4x RX 580 8GB bios mod + 1 RX VEGA 64 8gb bios RX VEGA 56
and I have another miner with 2x RX 580 8GB bios mod + 1 RX 5600 XT + 1 1660 Ti.

Can I improve the Mh and W in these settings?

I have not managed to modify the bios to my Rx 5600 xt (it does not give video when I change the bios with the memory times changed) and the Rx vega I have not managed to get more than 48 mh at 160 w but it makes the system unstable with the straps.

Use Bios files at following link for your 5600XT.

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