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Can I get Hive OS bot to post in a channel on Telegram?

As the title says.

I am trying to set up an IFTTT automation so that a temperature notification will trigger turning on an additional fan to cool the farm.

I’ve successfully connected the Hive OS Bot to Telegram and can receive notifications from it, but how can I get the bot to post into a channel?

Additionally, where do you change the auth code in the Notifications section of Hive OS? I set it up for direct communications with the Hive Bot and am sure I will need to change it if I am to connect it to a channel. I received a different auth code to connect Hive Bot to a group, and have not been able to work out how to change it.

However I don’t think adding the bot to a group will produce the solution I need, as for IFTTT to trigger I would have to include the key phrase /ifttt. It doesn’t look like you can customise telegram alerts from Hive Bot, so this cannot be included.

Grateful for any help and advice, thanks.

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