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Can get my b250 working with 5+ GPUs

Any suggestions for how to get my B250 to work with 5+ cards?

I have 4 cards plugged in and works fine but the moment I plug the 5th in and turn it on I get stuck at the ASUS page. Then for whatever reason the f2 or delete button will not get me into bios as if the keyboard isn’t recognized.

I updated the BIOS on the board and still having the same problem.

The board doesn’t seem to want to work with AMD 6000 series cards.

I currently am able to run a 2060 super, 5700 XT, 5700 xt, and RTX 3080 on it and that’s it.

Hi ,
Check this …

Thank you for the suggestion but I have read and followed each step in the Manuel yet have not been able to solve this problem.

update the bios of the mae B250 board in the bios configures above 4g or 4g car or integration in 4g changes generation of PCI EXPRESS GEN2 and disables the sound and leaves mining mode active

First I would look for 4G in pcie settings and enable it, than if this wont help you could lower the pcie gen from 3 to 2 or look for integrated graphics card if there is such and disable it. Apparently integrated graphics use some of the existing pcie lines and than there are less for cards