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Can anyone help me wrexham Chester area with my rig setup

Had a rig set up for a few years but always mined eth zil, with absolutely no need to touch it or play with it from when I bought it,

Now I need to change it the set up I have no clue
I am happy to pay someone to help

Cheers Nathan

Wrexham or Chester area uk :uk:

Try her. She sees it all, knows it all. Everyone else is guessing what will be good to mine

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Which part are you stuck on? Hiveos flight sheets are basically multiple choice for popular coins.

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lol painting. Hey N6thc you can try youtube videos on it, thats how i learned to setup, build, and manage mining rigs.

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lol sorry, I misunderstood that you wanted to know what to mine. For that ask Madame Fortuna. How to mine is relatively simple. It is a fill-in-the-blanks. It gets complicated trying to work out the overclocks. As Farmingfarmer said, tons of youtube videos, that might help. However, here is what you need to do

  1. Ask Fortuna and figure out what you want to mine. If she isn’t talking to you, and have no idea, you could start with nice hash until you figure things out. Being in the uk, your electric costs must be high, so be choose wisely or you might bleed more than you make

  2. You need a wallet. Hardware is the best choice. Exodus and Zelcore are good ones too, and these will have most of the coins. If you decide to mine a new coin or one not in the others, you will need to download their wallet. However, if you are getting your feet wet, might be best to stay away from those for now. Besides some come with risks of malware. Also, never mine to exhanges (ie use their address as your wallet)

  3. Create a flightsheet. You fill in the blanks for what to want to mine. You can use to find which pools. Usually, you don’t want to mine to one with close to 50% of the hashrate. They have links so you can check the pools. Which usually have example for the miner setup. Also choose one close to you, fewer communication problems

Hive does a good job of showing the miners you can use. Some are better (easier to use, more hashrate, etc), but you can always try each to find the ones that work best for you

  1. You need to figure out the oc. You don’t want to leave these blank, since the card can crash, eat up too much power, or not mine well. One starting point is the values you had for eth. However, you will need to play with this. There are mainly 2 types of algorithms core or memory intensive, and each has its unique values. You can use as a starting point and many others sites/videos have oc too

  2. You probably will need to rinse and repeat since things aren’t stable currently. You got to enjoy a lull time when things were highly profitable and stable. Now coins become profitable or losers within a day. You might also need to tweak your rig to get it working better

So here is how to mine in 5 easy :rofl: steps.

P. S. Is your hive setup up to date? You might need to upgrade

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the guy who i got it from set it up using Ezil app and hive but i dont know how to not use Ezil and still mine to my existing wallet

Create a new flight sheet, pick a coin, pick a wallet, pick a pool and pick a miner then apply to your worker. It’s all multiple choice


Sadly, most things aren’t profitable on pretty much everything but, you can still speculatively mine. Seriously I think youtube will help you the most, since its direct instruction you can follow.

you forgot the oc lol

by the way thanks for all the help last year, and happy new year :confetti_ball: