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Can anybody help me?

I’m currently starting to mine with PowerColor’s Rx 580 8Gb, but efficiency is breaking down in a few minutes and with that I have invalid shares. Here is my configuration without biosmod.

Fan 80%, Core 1150, DMP 1, VDD 900, Mem 2150.
It is currently doing 30 MHs/s, without changes to the board, could someone help me establish 100% efficiency?

You will need to tell us what kind of memory it has. Also if you get invalid shares the the OC is pushed much.
Test the following settings .

1131 core clock
831 core voltage VDD
800 memory controler voltage VDDCI
2100 Memory clock
Aggressive undervolting switched ON
Remove the DPM states
amdmemtweak --REF 30

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This OC u r using is made for those whom bios mode… lower your OC to get stable and grow up value 25 by 25 to find the best OC…

U can find out more about how to properly OC your gpu in the link:

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