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Can a 13 GPU rx5700 work on H110 Pro BTC+?

I recently built a rig on h110 Pro BTC+ but only 9 cards of Rx 5700 is recognizable and after putting the 10th card on any remaining GPU slot it just won’t boot up.

This may help you:
To run 13 AMD GPUs on AsRock H110 Pro BTC+

I’m running 12x 5700XT at the moment stable with Asrock H110, ALSO KEY: I find lolminer is much more stable than phoenixminer. it has less Mhash/sec but I prefer stability than Hash power.

I’m using latest BIOS version

HiveOS v157 seems to be most stable
M.2 SSD 120GB
8GB Kingston ram, but also tried 16GB seems no difference.
Intel Celeron G3930
To run more than 8 GPU, you have to disable CSM, but once CSM is disabled, you have to put a monitor HDMI plugged into the displaying GPU (PCIE x16 slot) or the dedicated GPU in the chipset at all times, if you unplug the monitor and PC reboots, the CSM setting in BIOS will auto change back to Enabled, and if you have more than 8 GPU connected into the PCIE, it won’t boot.

Also there is a slot sequence from GPU0 to GPU12 (13 GPU total). If you connect it in this sequence the OC settings won’t mess up. This was found using gpu-fans-find command in HiveOS:

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