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Cables beware

If anyone has been following my posts, would notice a theme. I have managed to find several issues with the components of my rig. Not major, but seems to be a running theme, some products fail, or aren’t up to par (got a msi card with hynix memory which I couldn’t get to mine eth decently and is doing flux now). If you are wondering, no, won’t be doing solo mining. With my luck, it would take me a few years to find a block probably.

I went with a corsair psu since these had a good reputation (at least as a newbie) and had integrated monitoring (though hive doesn’t use, but was only 5 dollars more). I was rather disappointed when I found 2 problems with their cables.

  1. Shoddy assembly. As you can see in the photo, the cables came off :frowning: The length of stripped insulation might be enough, probably could have been a bit longer. Also, the connector didn’t look crimped. Happens, but besides having automatic cable building machines, they should also have some kind of QC to test them (can be a fire hazard after all)

  1. Probably even more annoyed than not having sigma six quality, was the design. They are running 2 cables from pin 8 on the psu end, and these go to only the first 2 pin connector on the intermediate connectors. So you get the supposedly 150W only on the first connector (because they added 2 extra grounds) and only 75W(?) on the end of the run connector (since it lacks the extra 2 cables).

Replaced the cable with aftermarket and this had the 8 cables going all along the run. Maybe give a small tug to your cables before using them?

Thank you for heads up.

This is awful… I was planning to purchase corsair…

would bet this isn’t exclusive to corsair, but it is pretty disappointing when you encounter something like this. At least the psu is working nicely. Though moving 5 A through a poor connection can be dangerous

Unfortunately, you don’t find about bad design until you either encounter it yourself or someone posts it. Unless you are checking things out yourself, some issues might not be obvious. Never thought a reputable manufacture would do such a lame move, like terminating some of the wires halfway the length of the cable.

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