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BzMiner settings


I’ve got some difficulties to set different settings on my 3070
Documentation said space as delimiter

Starting point :

These settings :

give me that :

which looks correct

As soon as I want to set different settings on each card, I’ve got a problem
These settings can’t be recorded :

where are these give wrong result :

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Intersting. Im mining nexa on my 3070 with bz miner, but i dont have any extra paramaters. Hope you get it fixed

Unfortunately not yet, despite trying many combinations :confused:

Running with that, and one slightly overheating (85.3 MH/s)

bz on hive needs some array delimiters, which make it complicated

The extra config should be something like this

"oc_power_limit": "[[180]]"
"oc_core_clock_offset": "[[225]]"
"oc_lock_core_clock": "[[1700]]"
"oc_memory_clock_offset": "[[0]]"
"oc_lock_memory_clock": "[[5001]]"

They have a tool to make it easier to use

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my working extra config

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Thats a nice rig! the cmp 90 has 9.5mhz mem?? SHEESH