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Bzminer missing second coins

I just noticed that bzminer is missing most of the coins for the second algorithm. One of the best featres is that bz lets you combine almost any combination for the coins the mine

I can’t even edit the fs anymore, because hive doesn’t show the coins I was doing

Screenshot 2023-03-03 at 14.45.27

There was an update to prevent unoptimized dual coins, but seems some combos were missed. Working with the team to get them implemented

I mine several unoptimized combos. Bzminer is an unusual miner that allows you to mine any combination, regardless of optimization. Most miners will choke if you try that.

They have a facility that allows for this, force_algo2, but don’t make us go around, for something the miner allows

@keaton_hiveon Think I have a solution. Guess you don’t want to open it since there are some problems with some combos. Found that you can’t do combos in rigel for zil.

What about having in the extra config a preset that fills a snippet with the info to allow us to fill the blanks. Having the regular interface for comobs is great, but at least have a mechanism that allows for simple use