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Buying a server PSU from aliexpress

So… I bought a bunch of GPUs and a BTC S37 motherboard.

I’ve also bought a Corsair RM 850x to power on everything. But of course 850w aren’t very much for a mining rig. So my question is: is it safe to buy a server psu from aliexpress? Something like this() with a breakout board and cables like this.

I’ve also heard somewhere -couldn’t remember exactly where- that btc x37 can run without an atx psu, only with server one, but I’m not sure about this. Anyway, I have an old (very old, about 15 years) 400w atx psu from an Acer pc. I would use it only for the mobo and maybe for a couple of fans, but again… how safe it is?

Thanks in advance!

Up! Please, I need help!

the btc t37 needs an atx psu(24 pin), the btc d37 and btc s37 only use pcie 6 pin for power.

Thanks for replying!
Are you sure about this? I’ve tried on a s37 without the 24 pin and it won’t boot

it wont boot as it wont power on at all or it wont boot as it wont POST or it wont boot as it wont load the OS?

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