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BUG: Worker Overview Page Showing Stats For Wrong GPU's


On my worker overview page the stats for gpu’s that are not actively mining are being displayed, see below image.

Below, only the AMD GPU’s are actively mining, the nVidia GPU’s are idle, you can see that the temperature and fan speed mini graphs are being displayed for GPU0 and GPU6 which are nVidia GPU’s.

I’m assuming that the stats should be showing up for GPU1-5, GPU7 and GPU11 in the overview page (in this case at least).

Let me know if you need any additional information for this, or, if I’ve done something wrong.

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Please provide ur miner config and overclock config and miner log to help you better

also to avoid the mess
you can run claymore for AMD and phoenix for Nvidia . just for better management
there are many miners that support mining ETHash algo that is available in HiveOS
Phoenixminer ( AMD & NVD)
Claymore (AMD & NVD)
Finminer (AMD & NVD)
Bminer (NVD only)
SGminer (AMD only)
ccminer (NVD only)