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Bug - rig names and hashrates at the pool

I brought up a 2nd rig today.
Rig 1 that’s been running for months is 12x 3060ti/3070 - hashrate @ pool (ethermine) has consistently been 733MH/s
Rig 2 - 1x 3060Ti (61MH/s), 1x RX980 (29MH/s)

Here’s the strange thing. When I look at ethermine with the two rigs, what appears to have happened is in the active workers section, the 3060 in rig2 is reporting its hashrate as rig1. And that hashrate has been added to rig1’s rate to take it from 733MH/s to 790. Rig 1 is not capable of 790MH/s.

Then rig2 reported hashrate is only the RX980.

This looks like a bug to me. Not sure if it’s on the HiveOS side or side though. For additional info I’m using T-Rex for all nvidias and TRM for the single AMD.

Screenshot 2021-03-13 232132

I just switched over to flexpool and it’s showing a slightly different result, its adding in rig2 3060Ti here to rig1 reported results. But still buggy.

turns out this was a PIBCAK with the flight sheet. i emailed HiveOS support and they pointed out I’d hardcoded the worker name variable in one of the miners.

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