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Btc-t37 only able to use onboard graphics, wont detect gpu

Bought one of the 8 gpu riserless mobos to play around with and when i install hiveos it only detects the onboard graphics.

When I try to install windows and using newest drivers the card does not get detected either. Tried 3 slots. plugged in power to riser and then power to graphics card. Graphics card pulled from working miner. Am i missing a setting or something on these?

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Have you found what was going on? I’m having the same issue

Hey guys. I was able to get an RX6700 XT to run on it (mining ETH). Then I added a riser splitter so I could run most of the cards above it with more spacing. I was able to get it to recognize 3 of the 4 on the splitter running various brands of RX580. When I tried to add any more though it would revert to onboard GPU only. I would pull the splitter and sometimes get the RX6700 XT to run, but most of the time it just won’t boot or do anything. What I found is that if you go to the Flight Sheet for that rig and switch out between Teamredminer and Nbminer you can get it to work (I have had best luck with Nbniner). At least some of it. Still haven’t gotten it to pick up more than 4 total cards so far and I can’t tell if you have to use every slot in order, or what because if you change anything then you have to start over. It is dumb. I have had much better luck with the BTC-37S. More spacing, you don’t need a 20 pin power supply, and I didn’t have any issues getting them up and running. Hope that helps.

same issue

Make sure you guys are powering the GPU slot on the motherboard AS WELL powering the GPU directly. I had same issue and all was well when powering both the slot and the card.

There are 2 issues I have had with the BTC-T37 that I have found good fixes for. The first is that it doesn’t always boot and the second is that it initially struggled to find cards. What I found is that if you power the main board input with a 500 W, 20-pin power supply, and power the cards separately with an external power supply (1,200 W or 2,400 W), then the best way to start the board is to turn on the external power supply first and then turn on the 500 W power supply. It’s like the board thinks there are no cards if you do it the other way. Second, if you are using AMD cards, use NBminer. I have tried others but for some reason NBminer seems to run the best. And don’t mix AMD and NVidia unless you like rebooting your rig a lot. :smile: Also, I find prefer running the BTC-S37. Spacing is better and you don’t need a separate 20-pin power supply.

I do the same with the power supply. But since, did you find a better solution? I didnt find any trick on the bios


I am also using a BTC-T37. And lately, I am unable to start the miner. As soon as lolminer 1.51 is trying to start, it blocks. Running NiceHash on Windows is working.
Using as well now the latest AMD driver.
I have 7 6600XT running on that board. As well as an 850W powersupply.

Did anyone find a newer BIOS version ?