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BTC T37 crashes on shutdown

I am having an issues with this MB that whenever I issue shutdown command (or shutdown and reboot) from the web gui it does not shut down and just goes offline with everything still powered up and GPU fan speeds unchanged from mining state.

It didn’t used to have this problem and it started when I tried to add an 8th card but now it doesn’t work with seven cards where it previously used to. I was also having serious stability issues when adding the 8th card too but have tested that card on a separate rig with no issues. I have gone back to seven cards and have cleared CMOS by removing the battery but it hasn’t helped.

Running four 1660 supers with three RX6600s. 8Gb DDR3 ram, Kingston 240GB SSD, Celeron 877 CPU @1.4Ghz, Corsair 850watt 80+ gold PSU. GPUs are on risers to space them out better on mining frame. Power to MB via 24 pin ATX and all PCIE 16x slots on MB powered by sata to PCIE adapters (as there are no cards installed directly on the MB drawing a load). All cards and risers powered directly from PSU by 6pin PCIE.

Any tips appreciated.

These are the error messages I have been able to observe but most of the time it just freezes as soon as the shutdown command is given.

I have also tried flashing a fresh image of hive on a usb flash drive instead of using my ssd but I still have the same issue.