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BTC S37 - Cannot boot with 7GPU

My BTC S37 start well with 6 GPU, once i add my 7th, it wont boot anymore.
I tested already all GPU one by one, same for all slot. So far all is ok.

the issue is only when there is 7 GPU (no boot)
I already enable the 4G decoding. Still same issue.

Any idea?


What does it show when you have 7 installed?are you using one psu?

it show nothing, as it wont boot (no single beep) when 7 gpu are installed. one psu 1600w for 7 GTX 1660s

the only trick i found now: boot with 6 gpu then go to the bios, plug the 7th and exit the bios.
the mobo started, hiveos too and detected well the 7 gpu. weird…