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BTC-S37 Board

Hi all.

So I recently started mining with a BTC-S37 board, 3x 750w PSU’s.
2x brand new EVGA 1660 Supers with Hynix memory.
1x ASUS 2080 Super Samsung memory.
1x Rog Strix 3060 LHR V2 Samsung memory.

Now as far as I understand 3060 needs a PCI-e x16 gen3 to run comfy, and even though after some research some people claim that this Mobo has 1 16x Gen3 slot, I cant really determine if true or not. The card runs at 26.5mh/s with t-rex miner at 75watts (1000cc 2600mem, 65fans and 120PL). Now what I understood is that I could be potentially pulling 32+ mh/s with lolminer but here is the question, if I buy a x16 to x16 gen3 adapter, will I be able to run the card as a gen3 slot or will it still transfer as a gen2 slot? Any tips are appreciated.

Best regards, Dan.

I dont think you need the gen2 slot. Its lhr so whereever you put it it will be limited. It should be able to run ergo or raven coin at full speed.

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