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Btc-37 1660ti rig will not mine after adding RX580's even after removed

Well I have one of those 8 gpu btc-37 motherboards. That I have/had 8 1660ti’s running flawlessly in. Well I had two RX580’s running in another rig that was gi ing 511°c Gpu unreal Temps. So I decided to put then in my other rig, as within 5 seconds of firing up and mining they would error and hive would shut all cards down.

So I put them in the other rig and as soon as hive booted the system froze. Took one card out booted back up and still froze. Now it boots and shows cards but then it says “no logs for miner #1” and won’t do shit… Mining eth as well…

Google Photos

Google Photos

Any help would be appreciated, I am fighting my 3090/3070 rig as well. I believe that to be shitty Biostar boards.

I see the openCL driver is 20.40 which is the AMD cards driver but you are running NVidia ones right? So you fucked upt the drivers ot the system. Try recovery and see what happens.

I had two RX580’s in it for all of 5 minutes. They froze the system so I took them out. I have installed a fresh image to no avail. Tried rolling back the hive os to a previous version, they did not help.

But I do have a 6700xt in it right now. I had it on a btc-250-pro and that motherboard would not allot the card to mine at all. But with this motherboard I was able to get 41mh out of it. I even tried taking it out of the system this morning to remove all amd cards to see if it would mine. But to no avail, I have about had it with all amd cards, they have caused me so many issues and cost me so much money in downtime.

Some thing happening to me, when I remove the 580 from motherboard everything works perfectly. When I install 580 everything freeze and nothing works. I also have the btc 37t motherboard.
On day 1, when I installed 580, everything worked for about 4-5 hours after that nothing.

Try this:

  • Use this comand after putting in maitince mode without loading driver (nvidia-driver-update)
  • Update hiveos
  • Change risers between GPU and check if it is a riser problem
  • Change cable and phericals to make sure it is not bad riser

tried this already, changed the GPUs in different slots but same result.

ok, so u gotta make a full reset in the hiveos… reinstall it in the plain version, dont make, after installing, dont set a flight sheet, make the “nvidia-driver-update”, and then start a flight sheet, if everything is correct, set OC.

did u try every line i wrote? it is not a riser problem? the connection works with other gpu?

Also try to update MOBA

Yea, I have tried all you have said. Minus the risers, as it s a 8 gpu mono with x16 slots. This thing ran flawlessly u till I burnt up some rails on a 850w psu. New 1500w psu everything was perfect until I put those RX580’s in it. Now I am getting all of these errors. Like the picture below. I thought I had it running but I came back to this…

Now ai did have some Goodluck I bought what I am going to it new but dropped Gigabyte rtx 2070 mini off of eBay a month ago stating the card was doa. I put it in my desktop and the whole top of the screen has purple artifacts, so I waited untill today through it in a rig and I am getting 42.7mh and low Temps. Now I just need it to keep running without erroring out.

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this is a problem in the kernel of the system ( Hive OS). it has too many things to do and cant complete them faster enough. that indicates a problem which slows down your machine. Either CPU, HDD or Mobo. Something is not right.

try this command in console :
echo “kernel.watchdog_thresh=20” > /etc/sysctl.d/99-watchdog_thresh.conf

this is to give more time to the kernel between the operations it does during loading so it will not display this errors.
You can also try setting up the system with only one card attached to it and see how it loads, then add second and third.

Tried that, it’s now running longer, and no cpu errors… But then this just happened.

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your cards are overheating. stop the miner and search for proper OC settings. Always use absolute values.
start with 1200 core speed, 1900 memory clock.

Remove OC and gradually make a new one GPU by GPU… u r to OC your GPU…

When u post a picture here, please make sure to capture the GPU as well… when u do like this, we r in the dark and cant help u…