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Bt360 btc pro 2


I’m actually using this mobo…and 7 RTX3090, i have enabled 4G’s, cut VT-d, all pci and the PCIE on GEN2, internal display disabled and PEG selected as primary, tolud at 3,25, CSM disabled…but i’m stuck…

Using Intel I9-9900K and ssd 870EVO

Can anyone that use this mobo with nvidia cards, please help me or share he’s BIOS settings pleasssseeee, i know i’m stuck somewhere there ?

Thank you in advance and happy mining

I run the internal GPU to drive a 5" monitor all the time.
11 GPUs while one is down for service.

Do not provide power to the 6pin aux ports, the are not inputs, they are outputs.
I am running M2SATA vs SSD, so can’t assist if you are running SATA port or NVMe.

Attempt to bring the board up with a single GPU vs. all of them to troubleshoot the various issues:


First, big thank you for your help and for your advices.

Are you pci speed in Gen2?
Did you input the cards one by one? Also, did you use a special order when you add them?
I see that after the slot number 3, you go to the number 6, was it a choice of the board identifying them automatically like this?:blush:

And there is a slot that you don’t use, because of the IGFX, which number is it? (So I don’t put anything in it and crash the booting maybe)
I already understood that the way is with igfx, but It’s like one pci line is used by it, you know which one?

Thank you in advance for your time :pray:t2:

Normally use all the PCIe slots with:
iGPU enabled
M2SATA for OS as depicted
Dual 1600w P2+ EVGA SuperNova PSUs (Nvidia/amd split so I can run brand only for trouble shooting)
Nothing else special.

The PCI slot order is very interesting, and jump from front PCI row, to back, to front, etc. 16x PCI is slot first assigned if you use it, jumps to back row 7, front row 6, 9, 10, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 11, 8, if my notes are accurate :smiley:

Yes, (1) slot is missing for a 3080Ti. This show PCI addresses assigned as above when I last had it fully loaded:


Again thank you! Very very much this board is tricky, i run H110 without a problem but this one made me anxious haha

I will try these settings and this assignement, thank you for your time!

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