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--BOUNTY- 10$ in crypto of your choice : RX 560 @ 6Mh/sec instead of 11 on PHI1612


I send 10$ in crypto of his choice to the person who can fixe my prblm :smile:
all informations are in this thread:

Reply here, i test , if it works i send you 10$ in crypto (17 differents possible)


Why bounty is not 100$ or 1000$? How about convert RX 560 to RX 580 ? :stuck_out_tongue:
According to benchmark phi1612 algo:
RX 580 - 15 MH/s, RX 470 - 11 MH/s, so why RX 560 could be more then 6 MH/s ?

phi1612 speed depend from number of cores (shaders units)
RX 480/580 has 2304 cores 144 TMU 32 ROP
RX 470/570 has 2048 cores 128 TMU 32 ROP
RX 560 has 1024 cores 64 TMU 16 ROP

As you can see 2 pcs RX 560 near to 1 pcs RX 570 and RX 580 more powerful GPU because has more cores (shaders units) and GPU works on higher clockrate.

Oh ok , so in fact , you think i am at the maximum i can do … it makes sens … i try some other config today ,hope i can increase a bit … :’(

I don’t think so you get much more on RX 560 than 7MHs for this algo.

arf indeed , each i reach 6.75 , it is not stable at all !! and i lost shares, etc etc
SO i will mine something else with these RX560

ONCE GAIN : big thxxxxx to Halogenius !!!

A little more and on the basis of the responses and I’m will earn a prize :smiley: