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Bought used Octominer x12, NBMiner, Trex, etc., will not mine

Hey fellow miners,

Let me preface this post with the fact that I’m a relatively new miner so I know the chances are that I’m missing something obvious here. I have recently acquired two Octominer x12 rigs to go alone with my x8. The short story is, it doesn’t seem to matter what I do they won’t mine. I have screenshots of the miner log errors. I’ve even swapped out cards to see if maybe one was dead with others and I’ve used all cards I’ve mined with my x8 rig. HiveOS recognizes the cards, I’ve tried different flight sheets, at one point I had an AMD card mixed in attempting to mix mine and I just removed it and loaded the same flight sheet as my x8 and it still won’t go. None of the cards have any OC settings, I’ve updated the OS, I’ve updated the drivers, etc. I even ran a full on PDU 30a/240v setup thinking I was perhaps leaning out the units by maxing out the power draw on the 15a circuit.

Anyways, can anyone bail me out here. It’s been a frustrating 3 days.

your image/kernel is pretty dated, so id start there to rule out any botched software.

start with a single card, and i would use trex or gminer for eth alone on nvidia cards.

Swapped them to Trex. Here is the miner log.

if it shows like that any miner will show the same without rebooting first at least. update your hive image and go from there imo.

you can run hive-replace -s from the shell to do so, then wait for it to reboot

I’m updated the kernel and I’ll keep you posted. I appreciate the assistance.

Hey Keaton,

It was the kernel. I wasn’t aware that updating the OS didn’t always coincide with that. Thanks.

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