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Booting Problem

Hello I have a problem booting the miner. I normally flashed HDD with HDD RAW and all completed well. no errors made. What is the solution to this ? When I prest CTRL+D nothing happens… it asks me for root password

Same for me

Depending on the level of your knowledge, choose suggestions for solving the problem.

  1. Check windows partition with hiveos configuration under windows
  2. Do maintenanse as write on the screen
  3. Reinstall from previous release (0.5-32 and then update to the latest)

The list is of course incomplete and can be supplemented by anyone else.

Reinstalling from previous version 0.5-32 works… There is something wrong with new version of OS. Sometimes it needs to be reflashed the new version “10 times” to bypass the problem.

There is either HDD RAW problem or hiveos file…