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Booting Problem with OS

i have a Problem.
My Rig works with 6 RTX 3070. But when i add a 7th Card then the OS didnt Boot
an this Screen come on my display

Can someone help pls?
i flash the usb stick new but the same problem
and it doesn’t matter which card I use. with 6 pieces everything works but with 7 it doesn’t

What motherboard u use?
Make sure for
4 g decoding Enable
CSM disable
Gen 2 pciexp
And if u have this setting Mining mode Enable…

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Hi! Check that the card is supported by HiveOS. Try using the newest version of HiveOS as it gives support for more GPU’s

If you use the command helpme you will se there is separate commands for upgrading the GPU drivers to the last version. You can use that to load the latest version og the GPU drivers. It might help.

I believe the kernal error you are seeing is due to Linux trying to load the linux kernal image, but cannot. It is a strange message.

You could also try downloading the HiveOs latest image and make a fresh USB. Then load the HiveOs without any config and similar. To eliminate config issues…


Thank you for your answers. I checked all these things, nothing helped either. Then I found the problem! I fool !!! Updated the bios version and then it worked.

Happy hearing you got it working. :slight_smile:

How do you update the bios version? I am having same problem. Thank you