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Booting Problem Hive OS usb

Hi Everyone,

I am new to mining. I have tried to install HiveOS on a brand new flash drive using Etcher and HDDRawdiskcopy both. When i plug in the USB its not detected by my MoBo. Any help will be appreciated.

Board: Asus B250 Mining Expert

Enable CSM module support in BIOS and/or enable legacy boot

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parul khanna, did this work as i am having the exact same problem, i have spent 3 days trying all kinds of different settings. i will try this tomorrow.

This got me running after an hour of spinning my wheels. Your handle is appropriate.

Hey, im really new to mining and have been having frequent crashes when mining on windows so wanted to switch to hive. I have gone through all the steps I could find to get hive os but nothing is working. When i go into my bios the only boot option is uefi partition 1 and partition 2 for the usb with the os on it.

Can anyone help??